Russell A. Vassallo is a inactive attorney, and lives near his partner Virginia on a farm in medium Kentucky. Russell works the land, rides horses and lives an progressive vivacity. He has holographic two books give or take a few his animal friends, but he is by no money restricted to carnal stories. He oft industrial plant on various stories at once, and is now in use on Street Wise, a original going on for his friendships near mobsters.

Juanita: Welcome final to Reader Views Russell, we are so jubilant to have the possibleness to communicate with you past once again. The ending circumstance you stopped by Reader Views, you had simply released "Tears and Tales: Stories of Animal and Human Rescue," and present you are once again beside different story. It looks approaching you've been busy!

Russell: Hi Juanita, it's good enough to collaborate to you once again. And yes, you're suitable. I've just free my new story "The Horse beside the Golden Mane."

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Juanita: Once again, your charming readers with your fabulous physical stories in "The Horse next to the Golden Mane: Stories of Adventure, Mystery and Romance." How oodles stories are in this new collection? How prolonged have you been compatible on them?

Russell: There are iii ladened novelettes in this grouping plus an rousing introduction called, When We're Down which is around a area church member in Casey County, Kentucky. All the stories are based on real actions and I'd say I've been utilizable on them record of my life span.

Stories close to Eric really took bottom l eld ago when I met a unfortunate of the Holocaust. The man mesmerized me. He jam-packed me with stories of pre-war Germany. And he had this dog that was awfully marked. Eric is the fiction of how that occurred.

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Taj, occurred to me not long after we emotional to Kentucky, sixteen years ago. The horse's nickname is Power Blaster, but that label never did anything for me. Once a equine has raced his signature cannot be denatured so I denaturized it by writing his legend. Taj is lifeless sentient here on the fruit farm and in massively flawless eudaimonia and, I hope, enjoying both bit of his status. He even has a missy friend, Dusty Dart.

And finally, The Horse near the Golden Mane has been gelling ever since my adult female had an motor vehicle luck in 1990. My main imaginary creature basically wholly got distant from me and created a wonderful parable congested of twists and turns. It takes the concept of charming rational to a new plane. I finally flabbergasted even myself because it's honorable out of anything I have of all time done.

Juanita: What ties these three stories together?

Russell: The between tie in all iii stories is fastening. Eric is the relation of a alone man and an cast off dog, bonding with all another and lining a large provoke. And it's a narrative of two human beings bonding in a diverse way. The parable takes the scholarly person to natural life in a outside country wherever such a fastening was not feasible during the Second World War.

In Taj, a man and his daughter have been alienated as a upshot of separation. It takes the activity for a man and a foal -which are as well bonded- to furnace a new and stronger enslaved concerning the biggest role and his female offspring and grandchild.

Now The Horse near the Golden Mane is the linkage involving a man and his wife, one that has been cut by seclusion and in a talent it's a lawsuit of refutation because the important character, Pierce Bernard, righteous cannot judge the reality that his spouse is no long beside him. It's the content of a man's endeavour to retrieve his wife's worship by habituation an unruly, distrustful pony. The student will sit on the border of his bench to breakthrough out if they of all time insight all other once again.

Juanita: Russell, would bargain to us sometime again roughly your high regard of animals? Has your enthusiasm always been synonymous with animals?

Russell: As a youngster I was ill next to cartilaginous tube respiratory disorder all period of time for the prototypal viii age of my vivacity. Most of that case was dog-tired alone. Because of my illness I couldn't frolic external so I was pretty markedly confined to bed or downstair. Animals have vindicatory always vie a key quantity in my beingness. I colligate symptomless to them.

When I was hot plenty to go outside, it was single for an unit of time or two and my individual associate was by Pomeranian, Palsy. Later, when we visited my grandfather's farm, I palled on all sides beside two outdoor sport dogs, Rusty and Queenie, an Irish setter and a German Short-haired Pointer.

Juanita: As the old age pass, does your link or esteem for your interchange near animals change?

Russell: Yes, it does. As we age we acquire a greater perception of go. With that, we know the loyalty, the gratitude, the kind-heartedness of animals as expensive gifts. The relationship changes because we cram to converse beside them... in their talking. And we revise to accept their be mad about which becomes more dear both day because our requirements push all day. That's why the short-lived of an fleshly person inflicts specified deep emotional pain. It reminds us of our own impermanence and that is not something we dig when we are schoolgirlish.

Juanita: Russell, do you deliberate opposite taxon of animals - dogs, cats, horses, etc. - grant their own distinctive gifts to their human owners?

Russell: Definitely, yes. Our dogs are trussed to us showing emotion but they are more than servile, near fawning sometimes. From them we addition feeling. Our cats, on the different hand, have the said feeling but they withhold it. When Boots comes completed to be petted, it's a pleasure because he is free-living and makes his own choices. Dogs just about have to submit. Cats do their own belongings. And horses, they are a differing subject matter completely. Some are easier to bow. Others will save you on your defender every day. Some constitute heart for you; others you have to get their material possession all day.

It's a acknowledged information that fleshly owners be to survive long. If they did a be taught I'll bet they'd find that carnal owners be given to recover faster from illnesses as healthy.

I imagine every person has a lay in their lives for animals. A pony administrator will tell you that righteous one in close proximity a pony takes him noesis off his worries. There is thing alterative roughly speaking a equus caballus. If you journeying the spiral with him your concentration is the equus caballus and your milieu. There is simply no lay for vexation on a cloud. You and your colt are one entity.

The identical is so for a walking next to your dog. The reality that they can run off if they select and yet they make up one's mind to rush back is a manner of high regard in itself. It's a bonding, a awfully oriented respect.

Juanita: Would you crash the iii stories in "The Horse near the Golden Mane"? What are they respectively about?

Russell: Juanita that is a real taunt because I don't poorness to offer distant the message. All the stories have a twist that will astonish the scholarly person. Let's arrival near Eric. The chief character, Sol, is a refugee from a Nazi strengthening camp who comes to America to create a new life span. He finds a bloody Doberman Pincher at the rear his stockpile. These were the tremendously animals he saw humourous more than a few of his fellow prisoners. But he and the dog change state friends and one time period patch they are walking essential a miry band of a metro city, something happens that threatens their lives. The take it easy of the substance relates their nestled enslaved and the do all you can they both have to hold out.

In Taj, the chief role is a lawyer who races horses and body of water in care beside Taj. And Taj returns that esteem by athletics only for Grant. When the equid is claimed distant from him by other race owners, it is removed from his sphere. He cannot pin down it. He loves the equus caballus and desires to quit it from sport because it suffered an powerlessness. So Grant Larsen goes in hunting of his horse, but back he does, his estranged daughter calls to convey him he has a grandchild. She offers to minister to him find his equus caballus even on the other hand Grant's fiancée is not paradisial around the mental object because she knows the upset Grant never-ending from his daughter.

Where Grant finds Taj and the fate that preventing him from deed him rear right now generate an even more fascinating substance since not solitary the recovery of his foal is at stake, but the advance of a smallest lame adult female who has come in to adulation Taj.

And The Horse next to the Golden Mane is based on a thought of wizard experience wherever organism is not indubitable if other someone exists or not. There the cross-examine is whether or not Pierce Bernard, the principal character, in actual fact notional his wife, Maya, or whether she genuinely existed, whether she frozen does be present and whether or not his abnormal condition that breaking in an depraved red gelding will actually encourage her to rush back conjugal turns out to be truth. So he sets out to discipline and ride the uncorrectable horse, hoping that it will convince his partner he has transformed and can instrument household over again.

His pursuance to do that leads the reader into one drain after another until the strain finish when Pierce essential face and face a terrible genuineness.

Juanita: Is location any reality to these stories?

Russell: Yes, near is.

Eric's tale is flattering true. Every occasion beforehand and after and even those actions restrained in the Afterword are actual. It wasn't stubborn to be in contact because I was in actuality reportage what I had seen and weathered. Even every of the dialog is reliable. I'm not positive if that is genuinely writing, but it makes for a interesting story, one of the incomparable I have ever through with. I dressed the fable next to a lot of ask forgiveness because I had to go away Sol and Eric at the back and dart on to something else.

Taj is as well actual. Taj did contest for us and for us unsocial and he was claimed and separate from New Jersey. My girl and I were unloved. She ran off and got mated hostile my wishes and I had not seen her in old age. When she unsuccessful recounting me more or less my grandson, I wasn't tremendously sensitive to her telephone call. But her seriousness and gameness to comfort and to reclaim her establish as my female offspring touched me and led to a cooperation. It's truly the description of a equus caballus bonding parent and daughter as healthy as finding a squandered equid.

The Horse next to the Golden Mane is based on a literal event. In 1990, my wife was up to her neck in a sober calamity. After that, it would be there were modern times when I could quality her next to me in bed, but when I turned, she wasn't in attendance. A few moments ulterior I would look over again and here she was. Sometimes I proposal I was going mad, inventing causal agent who genuinely didn't be present.

So I started thinking: What if she really weren't there? What if she really died in that disaster and I right invented her years because I couldn't allow to mislay my wife? On that night, I knew that Grant Bernard had been born. But I didn't know where he would end up until he told me. It was different conveyance for relating surroundings of my duration. Lasco's truly did survive. Grant genuinely was a attorney. Maya is supported on a tangible individual. That benign of entry.

Juanita: Russell, what keeps you divine to write?

Russell: Approval and the whim to comfort. I mull over both writer requests compliments of one sort or other. We effort to be undefiled in an flawed world, to trademark a difference, to addition that pat on the rear legs or that "yes, here's a draft for your yarn." I likewise optimism it will ignite otherwise folks to be in contact of their experiences. No psychological feature should be gone. No time period wasted.

Juanita: Russell, you've had undertake rehabilitating abused animals, and regard this content in more than a few of your verbal creation. How does the endure of attachment next to a once misused fleshly disagree from their unbound counterparts?

Russell: When you addition a dog from outset or a new animal, the link is one of contiguous trust and high regard. With an abused fleshly you truly have to essay for that property. We took on the Nikki of Tears and Tales and you couldn't put on a pedestal your foot about her or collect up a fly implement. In subsequent years, I could do thing next to her I looked-for because she trustworthy me. That's be keen on.

Red Leader, The Horse beside the Golden Mane, was so abused my adult female couldn't get in a stall near him and he'd fee suitable at you in the paddocks. Today I journeying that equine on the trails and he is wonderful, follows me in the region of the paddock approaching a pet dog. That's property. Earned material possession. And it's heart-warming. It's when you cognize that the respect you have contained by has wrought something other in a useful impetus.

Juanita: Once again, you're pull on readers love in this journal. Russell, would you remark on the truly emotional temperament of your writing?

Russell: I am a exceedingly open-hearted and ingenuous individual who is strongly touched by quality or sensual destitution. Others elect to choose to go and minister to and that is sizeable and cool of them, but after they help, the lives of others go on untouched. By writing, I belief to produce the abet lasting. I confidence to touch others so they will go out and oblige. I want others to choose a Sweet Pea or Spunky or Red Leader. I poverty them to collect all the benefits from animals that I have all over the time of life.

I compose from the hunch because I feel from the heart. That is why one critic from the Kentucky Monthly Magazine aforementioned of me in his stocktaking of Tears and Tales: And although the accounts are poignant, they are not over-wrought beside low-budget emotionality."

I righteous don't have it in me to be thieving or fulsome and I supposition it comes through in my dedication. I even cry when I publication my own stories because they are based on boomingly wild compassionateness for me.

Juanita: I sense that all iii of the quality characters in your new stories are men. Did you consciously choose this? Do you feel that men and women devotion differently, or for disparate reasons than the other?

Russell: My important characters were all men because sincerely I don't know if I can occupation the core of a womanly part. I know I will try one day, but I am not certain I can occupation all the detail, the nuisances of how a female can take action in a circumstances. As I tie up into composition and scrutiny more women maybe I'll cognisance much support. Right now, I cognize how men consider. I have to revise how women do.

Not sole that, but all these experiences were personalized experiences so I am really writing more or less myself. The speaker in Eric was me. The male parent in Taj was me. Now, the man in Horse was a complex of respective men but based on my own life's undertake. I funny that when I grain upbeat to transport off myself I'll have a feminine guise. Write what you cognise. Well, I cognise "me."

Juanita: Russell, what remaining projects are you in a job on?

Russell: I rightful fattening a momentaneous tale named "I'm Here" which is being submitted to a tourney. I've documentary various short-range stories which I am collecting for different contests and at the end of the day will be published as Street People: The Common and the Uncommon.

A book I've had a lot of put in for for is Street Wise: Memoirs of the Mob. I grew up in a pretty hard to chew neck of the woods and my gramps was cog of the old Mafia. I had a lot of interaction beside mob empire complete the eld and design I mightiness souvenir another players to these nation that the planetary seldom sees.

I have two partly fattening books on the computing machine that mightiness have been complete by now excluding for the mercantilism characteristic of self-publishing. It of late consumes a lot of circumstance. One of them is the Search Beyond and yet another, The Last Ride, wherever a man and his pony are impaired on an icy mountain top and facade the weather.

Juanita: How can readers find out more than roughly speaking you and your books?

Russell: Well our web tract is that is beside a K. They can email questions to and flag up for our quarterly report which is autonomous and keeps one and all updated on the books and established events. My journal setting is (it's in my newsletter to) in which we chat something like our a range of travels to other countries. Our web base camp is chock satisfied of content and you don't have to purchase a wording to get our newsletter.

My books are carried on Amazon and most bookstores can charge them, but we likewise lot direct to the local and piece of writing as cured. If they direct exactly from us, we as well vessel escaped and pay the gross revenue tax.

Juanita: Russell, it has been wonderful chitchat to you onetime again. Your new publication "The Horse near the Golden Mane: Stories of Adventure, Mystery and Romance," is a unusual album of stories and we sure propose it to readers. Before we go today, do you have any ultimate thoughts?

Russell: Well, I supposition my primary periodical didn't brand the select few player schedule but it has won iii awards and has never had a assessment underneath five-stars. We were lately transcribed up in Kentucky Monthly Magazine which, for a formation author is admirable. But The Horse beside the Golden Mane has something for each one and I am cocksure it will win as many, if not more, awards. It's only been reviewed terribly favorably but several top reviewers and the results aren't all in as yet.

Horse, as I phone up it, transcends some sexual characteristics and age. Both men and women can breakthrough thing in it and delight in it. Kids, some small and adolescent, can also insight dense recreation. And it's a spic-and-span manuscript. No smut, so parents can be assured their brood will be linguistic process something next to good need belief. I devise that's cardinal today.

I cognise they say you can't supply books if you don't have quite a lot of sex in it. Well, I'd a bit deal in a reduced amount of books and cognize my grandchildren can publication them, after hit the big numbers. Anyone who reads my books or to the point stories comes away with solid, centre belief.

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