A warm imitation of windows have it's advantages: clean, fast, but are you in no doubt you deprivation to misplace all your installed programs, documents and all updates?
It's sincere that if you have windows skills you can gather all your programs, documents when reinstalling operating system, but this take a lot of occurrence.
It is faster to sustenance your windows unspotted.

First of all, we entail to breakthrough out which are the prevalent reasons why we condition to set up windows: viruses, worms and laggard conduct.
If your computer is tied to the internet, it is unprotected to attacks, worms which exasperating to do bad holding on your computing machine channel Windows vulnerabilities.

You obligation an anti-virus and a firewall, the champion you can do is to plump for a computer code that can be anti-virus and driving force at the self circumstance. I urge Kaspersky Internet Security. In this way you don't have to vex more or less viruses, worms and trojans.

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Now, the plodding deeds issue. What motive your windows to activate and run slow: programs installed which run on start-up. Some programs don't obligation to run on start-up, but such programs beginning many regime processes on windows start-up, but you don't condition this to appear. You will status software to give a hand you to clean windows start-up, i urge System Mechanic, it has other tools which will activity you to support your net clean look-alike removing reserve entries from registry, expurgate rubble and redundant files. In windows start-up should be single those processes that are essential for windows to effort.

We are finished near cleaning, but, what we can do if our windows card game working, or we do thing that will effect vandalize to it. Well, if you go to Accessories -> System tools -> System Restore, you can twirl on System right. Whenever you put in a new software, a operator or you put together a move to your operating system, windows will receive a backup, and if you don't approaching something that you ready-made on your computer, you can fair go to convention restore, and recover your windows to an early date.

Last clip i installed windows on my ad hominem data processor was 12 August 2004, and i don't have any technical hitches. It is superior than a firm installed windows, because it have all updates, drivers and it is organized for my needs

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