Recently at the 77th Salon International de l'Auto Geneve (77th annual Geneva International Motor Show), Tekniikan Maailma magazine, one of the primary automotive publications in Finland named the 2007 Cadillac BLS 4-door wedged machine as the receiver of their Winter Car 2007 Award. Martti Merilinna, Chief Editor of Tekniikan Maailma handed the distinction to Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor.

In the old 12 months, the Tekniikan Maailma conducted a season question paper thrust for 20 European conveyance models, as well as the up-to-the-minute models from Volvo, Honda, Peugeot, Skoda, and other European brands. Tekniikan Maailma social unit brought the vehicles in a time of year check track positioned Ivalo, a settlement in Northern Finland. The Ivalo rural community is noted for hosting whatever of the greatest time of year sports dealings similar down-hill and administrative district skiing, snowboarding, and skiing race skiing. Moreover, the set is too one of the areas in Europe beside the most mordant season dynamic stipulations.

The Winter Car 2007 Award aims to make certain which of the 20 vehicles could: "... in this sparsely populated overland of the algid and dark time of year... filch us to our end in safety, comfortableness and temperature."

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Among the 20 competitors, Tekniikan Maailma has nominated the Cadillac BLS motorcar as the champion because of the vehicle's awful acting out in wintertime dynamic provisos. The Tekniikan Maailma wintertime check social unit made their action supported on confident criteria as well as low-grip handling, braking stability, traction on acclivitous starts, headlamp performance, and the capacity of the transport to "heat the inner to a deluxe 15 degrees in conscionable 10 transactions from a sub-zero startup".

The Cadillac BLS scored swollen during the evaluation, bagged the Winter Car 2007 award, and furthermost of all, achieved what the Cadillac BLS shape and technology unit aims, which is to bring together with the "toughest European dynamical requisites." The Tekniikan Maailma winter test social unit commented: "Here is the cream of the crop of all time Cadillac one could expectation for in wintertime use."

The Europe-only Cadillac BLS clayey auto was free in 2006, based on GM's Epsilon vehicle podium and was reinforced in Cadillac lower house manufacturing works to be found in Trollhättan, Sweden. The car features the extraordinarily opening turbo diesel engine from GM's indulgence pour scorn on. It likewise comes beside high-class outdoor shape and GM surroundings similar to GM mud flap, inviting inside features, as fine as star-studded transport driving and manual labour enactment. The Cadillac BLS automobile has a protrusive manufacturer's recommended retail rate (MSRP) of 19,000 Euros or astir $25,000 USD.

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