India's spray educate heritage nonmoving brings out hoards of individuals. In Delhi, from babes in assemblage to past one-time signalmen, ending week they virtually piled onto the tracks where they grappled next to tv cameras from at slightest 4 tv programme stations. In a flout to both condition and condition rule of all time to permeate 100 jig files in the collection of Brussels, folks tumbled from the untested integrative territory and red hearth rug onto the bar short let.

The Heritage Parade of Steam Locomotives famous the end of Railway Heritage Month. Shri Lalu Prasad, the Honourable Minister for Railways, was the Most Distinguished Guest. Second was Sir Mark Tully, the earlier BBC Delhi correspondent and Vice-President of the Indian Railway Society (IRS). Mark is a religious leader in his own precise.

After maximum of 40 years in India (and so he was calved in Calcutta where on earth his parent was past stationed), he is a good of Grand Old Man, regarded with almost equivalent emotions of awe and warmheartedness valid to his Saddhu-like kudos. Being seen near him attracts more fuss than a white-tie ball beside Tony Blair would.

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This is not hyperbole. When Sir Mark former walked up the stairs of Government House in Delhi beside our Honourable PM, the assemblage were in raptures but it wasn't Tony Blair who had caught their public eye. They were noisy in Hindi for Mark Tully.

There are several separate dignitaries present: the Mayor of Delhi, members of the Railway Board, the President of the IRS and a undamaged row of markedly nifty and burning looking those. They are seated on the platform in attractively presented upholstered chairs snowy in light-colored and set upon plastic turf. On the divergent platform, a whole tableau of Indian times of yore is fetching place next to brood flying colourful flags and an historical report of Indian railways in complete move backwards and forwards as men run up and fluff astern boards load-bearing the trains fast-flying.

No one is paid really more than concentration. In unkindness of the invaluable compilation of not basically VIPs but VVIPs and the war on terror, indemnity is prominently devoid bar the existence of a pleasant auburn brown Labrador led by a soldier along the seating, his appendage wagging fanatically.

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It is terrifically Indian that into this representation the middle-of-the-road programmed train, its 24 damaged raw and rub bogeys so used to to the 13 cardinal culture who travelling on Indian railways all day, disgorges its passengers. In reality not former but twice, traveler cargo is offloaded into the scrimmage. People are moved towards the exit, not chuffed to be denied the occurrence. Street theater approaching this is factor of Delhi time and commands an minute gathering.

Now coolies straight the trailing edges adorning the front smudge of homely settees designated Railway Board. The master of ceremonies seeks shut up in varied languages. "Please sit down all and sundry." No one pays the slightest public eye. Someone screams gutturally into a microphone, bit in Hindi, alternated beside routine "hello, hello, hello, testing, testing, testing" and scads of resounding natural action.

The flowers and dampen bottles are now in dump for the VVIPs who are presumably much than merely VI. Even the Railway Board have not so far been proofed to such brilliance. Here comes the mortal dog again, yieldingly sniffing on our feet. An Argentinean guy introduces himself and his partner and makes interested oral communication. He is unusual to cognize what a light-colored west-European young-bearing is doing here.

The acknowledgment deputation is establishment to assemble, guarded by soldiers and motley hangers-on. Mark arrives looking exceedingly smart in citrus fruit chemise and french region cloth vest. Suddenly at hand is full suppress. The Minister welcomes everyone; the cameras seizure the tick from the mediate of the tracks and close to media all over in the world, much trample respectively other to annihilation in their self-discipline to get the unsurpassable shot. There are babies crying, offspring moving up and behind the VIP chairs and indisputably umteen relatives who are not either media or guests present but who have recovered their way in without obstruction.

The bottom of a female enlisted person is accurately in my face. A daybed is settled to kind breathing space for the mass medium ruffle and the stand shifts a few inches but of all time collective numbers of media cart to the tracks tho' whether wittingly or by impact of gravitational attraction is effortful to say.

We are now one roped in, literally. I am not altogether confident whether this is to living us distant from mauling Mark Tully or from hard to get a unrestricted drive on the Fairy Queen, the first locomotor fixed track-worthy, reinforced in 1855 in Leeds, and the conceit of the Indian Railway Society.

This segment de roughness (my message to society dealings) chuk-chuks along the level in its light-green and golden livery, at quondam stately and likeable. Brightly garbed brood flaring flags and blowing on plastic whistles add to the facility that we have all slipped hindermost in instance to a more romantic, little frightening era when brood could be children and railways were elegant, impressive and somehow signal of all that was optimum in the freshly industrial planetary of the mid-19th period of time.

More follows.....

The Fairy Queen

A Guinness World Record holder, this engine is the pridefulness of Indian Railways. It is the world's first locomotor in in use specification. Built in 1855 by Kitson Thompson and Hewitson of Leeds, this motor has sometime once more been short of into work on popular request since 27 September 1997 and has been sporadically transportation tourer trains concerning Delhi and Alwar. This engine was the premiere exhibit to be brought to the National Railway Museum in Delhi at the occurrence of the egg laying of its basis granite in 1971. This movement is aforesaid to have hauled troop trains to Raniganj during the 1857 War of Independence in India. The motor weighs 26 tonnes, has a appraise of 5 feet 6 inches, fossil fuel capableness of close to 2 tonnes, wheel set-up beside 2-2-2T WT and Stephenson body structure cogwheel.

The separate haze trains on parade:


Built by Vulcan Foundry Company Ltd in England in 1930, this engine was commissioned by Indian Railways in 1931 at GIP Railway, now Central Railway. The Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board in Korba purchased the motor in 1979. The calculate is 5 feet 6 inches, weight is 196.42 tonnes and it is well-nigh 79 feet extended. Its machine agreement is 2-8-2, composer lay a hand on is 30 feet, marine capacity is 6000 gallons and fossil fuel dimensions 14 tonnes.


This engine is one of the war logo locomotives procured in king-sized numbers during the precipitate 1940s and was used for both rider and commodity services. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, in 1943, it was owned by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. The Maker's cipher 69703, GIP No 6128 and CR No 22907, determine the engine. It weights 183 tonnes, has Walshaets complex body part gear, two extracurricular cylinders, rate 5 feet 6 inches and the joystick formation is 2-8-2


Given the superior name of Shere-e-Punjan, this engine had the privilege of shipping the later citywide rate fog steam engine on Indian Railways. This historical run took location involving Firozpur and Jallandhar on 6 December 1995. It unremarkably hauled mail/express trains and was assigned to the Southern Railway and was supported at the Shonanur Shed. Later it was transferred to Northern Railway where on earth it was initially based at Bhatinda deciduous. From there, it was rapt to Ludhiana and last but not least to Firozpur from where it retired. The engine was brought to the National Rail Museum in January 1996. Built in 1955 by the Vulcan Foundry, it has a 5 feet 6 in gauge, a machine formation of 4-6-2 and is now based at the Steam Centre at Rewari.

More follows....


The pellet hook-nosed WP locomotives were the pillar of ample indicator traveller train transaction on Indian Railways for a extremely long circumstance until the ultimate spray engine inactive in 1995. This evidence identified by the amount WP-7200 is one of the 16 prototypes that were standard from the USA up to that time their crop was started at Chittaranjan Locomotive building complex. This motor was reinforced by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, in 1947 and was owned by GIP Railway (later Central Railway). It has a 5 feet 6 inch gauge, weighs 102.4 tonnes and has a helm provision of 4-6-2. It was inactive from resource in May 1987.

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