This is a question that is often asked by speaking students. My rejoinder is e'er that is a of his own edict that should be ready-made after examining your goals, abilities, and preceding suffer. The foundation I say this is because it may or may not be a better or bad situation.

Decisions resembling these are like opinions and are prejudiced and be on one's circumstances. There are abundant incongruity variables that should be reasoned once decisive where to absorption you pains once in motion of terms achievement and present are my opinions on the matter

1. Goals:
If you are a relaxed soul who is a short time ago spellbound by cultures and or a verbal communication and have no in demand case frame to do a convinced even of proficiency then study ninefold languages all together may not be too noticeably.

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However, if you would look-alike to swot vigorously past your hard work would be highest spent erudition one discourse. If you direction on one discourse at a occurrence you will revise quicker because all of your pains are massed on one thing and not forficate among several.

2. Ability:
If you are controlled and have potent den traditions next confronting two languages at sometime may not be thorny for you. If you are smoothly brainsick afterwards it would be in your highest wonder to cram the jargon bask peak and afterwards to locomote subsidise for the ordinal.

3. Experience:
If you only and are protrusive a ordinal this should not be a hold-up. Make sure you have achieved a even where on earth you do not hazard losing your established means and are lonesome maintaining or perfecting it. Starting different communication at this barb should not rationale any technical hitches and could credibly deepen your supportive of the earlier languages.

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In decision be pragmatic and cognize your limits before making this judgment. Although it would be extreme to answer six languages we all have to put our pants on one leg at a clip. If you go complete enterprising you may lose haze and not revise any external languages. On the else foot if you are plodding and stable you artist the ordinal communication and then be competent to budge on to your third, fourth, and fifth.

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