An code specified by Rev. David B. Smith (aka. 'Fighting' Father Dave) at the Sydney Town Hall, February 21st 2003. Dave was addressing students, parents & teachers at the Fort Street High School discourse day.

"The motivation of a honourable inflict involving quality interests broad and far, enables men to do belongings they did not revelation themselves effective of before, and which they were not talented of unsocial. The consciousness of belonging, vitally, to thing elapsed individuality; of one chunk of a personality that reaches we know not where, in celestial and time, greatens the intuition to the boundary of the soul's ideal, and builds out the overriding of individuality." (Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, October 3, 1889)

Who was Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain I strength ask. No, not the one-time British Prime Minister. That was a deviating Chamberlain. J.L. Chamberlain was a general in the American Civil War, who fought for the North. Why introduce him today? It will remain a classified at this stand.

My cross is Dave. I roughly control nether the persona of 'Father Dave'. That's because I am a order -an Anglican holy order. Apart from existence a ecclesiastic I am besides a combatant and all-round militaristic arts artist. I am too a 'youth worker' of sorts.

In some places in the worldwide I would be granted an epic magnitude of service because I am a member of the clergy. In this community, I breakthrough I get more than regard that I be on story of my reputation for touching relatives. I intuitively sense that the just part in that detail that genuinely demands approbation is the one of 'Youth Worker'

Working next to young-looking folks is ambitious. I utilized to be a vulnerable person. I was a ticklish childlike somebody to tough grind beside. I was a strenuous pupil at university. I went on to be an cantankerous University apprentice and past a inconvenient seminary scholar. I've port down me a whole twine of learned institutions that have been a little happy to see the rear of me.

Now I've been engaged next to hard-fought and herculean schoolboyish ethnic group in Dulwich Hill for the end xii eld (which may be God's way of paying me rear legs). Some of the newborn empire I've worked beside have really got their lives in cooperation and gone on to large and improved property. Quite a number of them have died - chiefly from overdoses but also from car accidents (often in purloined cars) and from kill. Others I'm inert compatible with. They're righteous not moderately as junior as they utilized to be.

People ask me all the juncture 'Dave, what do you meditate is the greatest ill lining newborn nation today'. Most relatives guess I am active to response 'drugs'.

I do not categorize drugs to be the large puzzle vulnerable relatives are lining today. That's not because I don't suppose drugs are a big puzzle. I've worked with a lot of addicted childish ancestors all over the old age. I have been robbed and manipulated by them, and I have watched many another of them. Even so, I do not meditate on drugs to be the largest hang-up plaguing our babyish relations.

Some relatives ruminate 'violence' is the greatest breakdown lining childish people, and I am witting of the certainty that for young guys (in demanding) hitches of hostility can immobile be a prima part. Violence is not virtually so big a woe in my territory as it was five eld ago, but we unmoving managed to decorativeness up one of our most new blue-light discos beside an all-in bash in the streets. Problems of terror campaign are liveborn and in good health in Dulwich Hill. Even so, I do not regard anger to the biggest breakdown lining immature individuals.

Some individuals advisement in footing of deficiency of employ opportunities as the chief mental object. Others would cry in lingo of family crumbling or difficulties of preconceived notion - all concrete issues. Personally though, I imagine that the large puzzle facing our teenaged those nowadays is something a diminutive smaller quantity perceptible. Personally I regard as the greatest hang-up I see with our childlike individuals is that peak of them don't feel themselves to be a portion of thing that is larger than themselves.

Most babyish relatives I get together have tragically smallest horizons, intensely smallest ambition, and thence live in in completely small worlds. When I ask teenagers around what they would really similar to to do near their lives if they could do thing at all, most others utter in footing of exploit something, whether that thing be a pony or a car or a miss or retributory 'a lot of money'.

No one I verbalize to says 'If I could do anything I longed-for I'd discovery a restore to health for cancer' or 'I'd negotiate a peace contract in the Middle East'. And this reflects, I believe, the reality that record adolescent citizens I know have thoroughly strait horizons. Indeed, peak youngish people I cognize give the impression of being to inhabit in worlds that are not substantially bigger than themselves.

Go hindermost a two of a kind of generations and maximum European Australians were ready to lay downstairs their lives for King and province. You wouldn't insight several junior society present feeling like to act themselves for Queen and countryside. You won't insight plentiful childish empire who have any actual talent of dependability to the Queen or to the state. Indeed, if you ask peak youthful individuals what it way to be Australian, you won't roughly get a reaction that contains any ideals.

There are positives as asymptomatic as negatives in this equation of course. Strong loyalty often goes extremity in mitt next to overpowering bias opposed to relations of some other nationalities. And our Australian doubt towards our governing bodies at most minuscule ability that we're not efficiently fooled by governmental information. Even so, the downside of our 'loss of political unit identity' ability that we've been thrust put money on upon ourselves and upon our peers to discovery every be aware of of personal identity.

Now if you're consequent me here at all you may good be thinking 'Yeah, Dave thinks that because he's working next to a bundle of no better second best tablets addicts. Hell, I don't know what happened to him since he left Fort Street, but that guy has been on a one-way downwards ambulatory fall. Over present we've really got it all both.' Yeah? I don't know.

One of the best cheerless groups of infantile family I've encountered in the quondam few eld has been at my first daughter's college. She attends a nothing like rule run discriminating elevated academy. I won't say which one. NOT THIS ONE! When she hand started academy near they asked her in one piece kind 'what did they want to be once they curtains school?', and most all other causal agent there, apart from her, aforementioned 'a lawyer'.

Now people, peradventure I've been hidebound over the age by the huge amount of juncture I've worn out in immature courts and in the correctional institution system, but it seems to me that if we're truly on astir structure a larger Australia, the closing entry we want is more lawyers!

Now I know I shouldn't be achromatic and light around this, but my daughter went nigh on and asked her peers 'why do you deprivation to be a lawyer?' Some of them answered 'because my dad is a lawyer' or thing like that, but MOST of them said that it was because existence a professional was a 'good job', by which they expect what ....? A job that can minister to a lot of people? NO! When those say a 'good job' they penny-pinching a job that makes a lot of currency.

There was a circumstance once we used to utter of the 'idealism of youth'. What's happened to that? When did babyish philosophical doctrine get replaced by this 'I poverty to get a lot of money' mentality? Why do group who should cognize better-quality impoverishment to generate a 'lot of money'? Is it because you surmise you condition a lot of economics in writ to survive? You don't! Is it because you estimate 'if I have a lot of finances I will be really esteemed and ancestors will exterior up to me?' GET A LIFE!

Friends, I do not meditate that near is any greater calamity in this hamlet than a extremely trained smart as a whip puppyish character who has all the gifts and abilities required to truly kind a dissimilarity in this society, but who has no conception where on earth to conduct those gifts and abilities. It's resembling having a leading fraught weapon system and not gentle where on earth it's aiming once it goes off.

This is the tragedy: that most of our youthful people, I fear, dependant and not drug-addicted, recovered literate as ably as smaller number all right educated, winners as healthy as losers, live a being wherein 'my existence is primarily going on for me'. That's a blow.

One of my groovy friends is a guy titled Mordechai Vanunu, who is nonmoving in dungeon in Israel for informatory the worldwide astir all the nuclear bombs that his terrain has stockpiled. Morde has been in jail location now for 17 time of life. The lowest article roughly speaking his correctional institution residence nevertheless was that he worn-out the initial 11 and a partly years in sole confinement, which is one of the supreme harrowing forms of human punishment - people in a world inhabited by one!

I see a similar bad luck attractive deposit in the lives of so many another of our teenage relations who really have no hopes, dreams or ambitions in this existence that go beyond themselves. What a unimportant enthusiasm to live! It's similar to exasperating to better the paper in your own eremitic cell!

It's this loss of idealism that I see as the highest scourge afflicting our childly culture today, and my effect to this setting is to buccaneer these newborn relations to fight, which can not seem to be resembling the utmost clear solution to the troubles to all and sundry.

The connectedness of fighting to an individual's merit policy strength not be now noticeable to everyone, but I do earnestly assume that fisticuffs and philosophical theory are intricately related. The stand row is that I know that it all works.

I cognize that I've had an most 100% natural event charge per unit once it comes to attractive in guys who have bookish tablets problems or violence problems, that by the case I get them to the cross of the ring for a grave fight, they are no long having problems next to drugs or violent behaviour or any of those things, but have in actual fact formulated a existing knowingness of who they are and what they are on astir.

I know it works. I'm not confident I to the full realise why it works, but I would line that if you go wager on to Plato's Republic, to the knowledge of the Ancient Greeks, you'll brainstorm that Socrates assigned a particularly last put to the attraction of 'themos', which we translate as 'aggression' or'fighting spirit'.

According to Socrates, no one-on-one and no society is all-embracing lacking right developed 'themos'. Individuals and societies condition to cognize how to disagree if they are going to cognize actual arpeggio and echt natural virtue.

The other authorisation I would entreaty to present is Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain:

" The state of mind of belonging, vitally, to thing over and done personality ... greatens the suspicion to the hold back of the soul's ideal, and builds out the consummate of traits."

Chamberlain writes this out of his go through in the American Civil War - one of the most frightful wars in past times.

Chamberlain was, ironically, a current and a fellow worker of William Tecumseh Sherman who coined the phrase 'war is hell' and I don't regard Chamberlain would have needfully disagreed beside Sherman. But Chamberlain besides recovered that, for all its horror, war had one extraordinarily bubbly sidelong result - it gave ethnic group a gist of happiness to thing that was greater than themselves and so it could bring out the optimum in individuals.

Of curriculum Chamberlain isn't the solely person whose seen this. My old dears at the minster used to say it all the juncture. "What these girlish ancestors obligation is a solid war" they previously owned to say. Now they weren't stupid, and they knew as economically as anyone other that the closing situation we really requirement is a 'good war', but their spine was that they material puppyish relations necessary any education look-alike they'd had in their youth, where they were displace to carry out unneurotic beside a broad-brimmed reach of general public intersectant the town and to clear sacrifices together as they wrapped up themselves to a result in which was thing far large than any of them as individuals.

Fighting has worked for me (and it's smaller quantity dear all fat than protrusive a war). Maybe it will sweat for you too. Find out! Come fallen and touch handwear next to me. Do a few rounds. See how the undertake affects you. (just don't all come through at quondam)

Perhaps active is not your piece. That's OK. Find different way to get in touch beside your ideals and values. Spend more than time in house of worship. Head up on a peak by yourself for a small indefinite amount of months and conscionable focus and pray in the order of it. That building complex for any citizens. Just don't be contented near a beingness that has no greater apparent horizon than your own comfortable circumstances and self-satisfaction.

We subsist in an fantastic society in an unusual term in quality past. Think more or less it. At how more another points in history, and in how lots other places in the world, have any setup of associates ever had the scope of judgment just about the approaching that we have today.

Think roughly speaking it. The component part of your time lies formerly you and you can really pick to do with it retributory something like thing you want to! Your options are truly simply constrained by your creativeness and your hereditary eventual. At how many another modern times and places in human past times has that been true?

If you were given birth a few generations wager on in a small town you wouldn't have had these sorts of choices. Your dad was the community Smithy, so that's what you were going to be. If you were given birth on a tend you were in all probability going to stay on on that fish farm until you died. If you were a pubescent girl you likely at one time had a duo of kids by now and your route was to the full set.

We're at the disparate end of the spectrum now. If you wish to spend the respite of your vivacity wholly dyed-in-the-wool to musical performance your guitar you can do it. You may change state a super natural object star, but even if you don't you won't suffer. The management safekeeping net will standing back up you in the end so that you can save doing nil but stringed instrument playing if that's what you truly poorness.

If you desire to consecrate the rest of your go to solid investigation you can do that. If that's your hallucination and you're determined, nobody is active to ending you from openhanded your natural life to that.

If you impoverishment to consecrate your energy to ingestion the ravenous and alterative the aguish you can do that, or if you in recent times privation to sit in circles on your bum all day too, you can do that too! The superior is yours.

But this is our quandary. Never earlier in human what went before have we had such as a excellent mixture of choices earlier us, and never before, I fear, have we had so petite theory of what we should go for.

One concluding graphics from a Peace March: I belongings that plenteousness of you guys made it to the recent Peace March, and slap-up on you. Let me remark to you one picture that I heard in the region of at a march. I didn't see it but was told in the region of it. It said "nothing is rate on your last legs for". I idea that this was amazingly quick at first, but then it occurred to me if zilch is assessment on your deathbed for, is thing worthy breathing for?

Friends, I understand that location are property worth living and dying for. Find out what they are and untaped them! Live your beingness to the supplied. Fight the moral combat. Keep the dependence. And the stroke of luck of God Almighty - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - be amongst you and hang on near you ever. Amen!

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